How To Be A Bride


An essential guide to planning your big day! (Kindle Edition)

Every Bride essentially wants one thing: to remember her wedding was the best day of her life!

But how do you really prepare for something that you have never been through before? Where do you begin with planning? Which vendors are good to work with? How To Be A Bride is a practical guide to help you navigate this unfamiliar and exciting journey you are about to embark on!

Inside this book, you will find sections on:
-Where to start with wedding planning
-Selecting the right vendors for you
-Why it’s important to work with professionals
-Tips for working with your vendors
-Mindset Training
-Importance of self confidence
-Tips for the Bride
-Practical solutions to common problems

Sara K. Shaikh is an Atlanta-based wedding photographer who specializes in multi-cultural weddings. Over the course of 12 years, she’s been a part of over 250 weddings. With her experience, she has gained insight working one on one with Brides from all over the world. After realizing that they needed more knowledge preparing for their wedding day, she was inspired to write this guide. Her hope is that Brides are able to read her book, learn some valuable tips and strategies, feel more empowered, and be more prepared to celebrate and enjoy their big day!